Taxing multinationals in a globalized world
Are you a new CORPTAX researcher?

Are you a new CORPTAX researcher?

Are you a new CORPTAX researcher?

We are looking for a part-time research assistant or predoc or postdoc in economics to join our team. The researcher is expected to have shared research interests with CORPTAX and to contribute to CORPTAX research papers over the forthcoming years.

We seek qualified candidates for part-time positions and offer a salary depending on the specific researcher position and experience, ranging between the monthly wage of 25-51 thousand CZK / 1050-2100 EUR gross (i.e. around 22-43 thousand CZK / 800-1660 EUR net) per full-time equivalent.

CORPTAX is a five-year research project focused on the taxation of multinational corporations. We aim to establish how much multinationals pay in taxes, where and why. CORPTAX is based at the Institute of Economic Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague, which is the leading economics department offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Czechia. It is located in the center of the beautiful city of Prague and provides a stimulating environment for excellent academic research.

We advertise this within the Jobs for Economists in Europe Hub (JEEH) by the European Economic Association, a special initiative to help displaced academics of all nationalities affected by the conflict in eastern Europe.

We encourage the candidate to relocate to Prague, although remote work is possible.

Candidates can apply by filling the form below or by sending their CV to We aim to fill in the position as soon as possible and are accepting applications on a rolling basis.